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Ballamy LLP is a firm of forensic accountants.  We provide expert evidence and litigation support and perform financial and regulatory investigations. Our combination of exceptional talent and extensive experience enables us to develop and deliver the most appropriate and robust solutions for our clients.  Our wealth of experience means that we excel in bringing clarity to complicated financial situations, ensuring our clients receive reports and analyses of the highest quality that address all relevant issues on a timely and cost-effective basis.

Based in London, our principal clients include leading law firms, regulatory bodies, corporate entities and individuals. The Ballamy LLP team possesses extensive expertise across a wide spectrum of industry sectors and has significant experience of working in a variety of international jurisdictions as shown below:



Expert Evidence and Litigation Support

Our team has substantial experience of preparing expert reports and of giving expert evidence in the UK’s civil and criminal courts, in the civil courts of other jurisdictions and in domestic and international arbitration. Matters on which our professionals have given expert opinions include:

  • the quantification of losses in a variety of industries;
  • financial reporting under IFRS and UK GAAP;
  • revenue recognition;
  • the meaning of realised profits under UK GAAP; and
  • the valuation of shareholdings and businesses for a wide range of purposes.

Performing critical assessments of the methodology and calculations of other experts in this field, we base our work on a fully-corroborated analysis of the relevant facts, and we fully justify our choices of assumptions.  We frequently assist our clients by preparing sensitivity analyses which show the extent of variations in the quantum of losses occasioned by incremental changes in key assumptions.

Four recent cases:

Mark was instructed by lawyers representing a defendant to criminal proceedings brought by the SFO to opine on the causes of the inability of a company to continue in operational existence as a going concern.  This assignment involved assessing whether there was evidence of a causative link between the indictment offences and the company’s subsequent failure.
Mark, Kerry and Sid have been providing assistance to a client in an international arbitration under the LCIA Rules with respect to a dispute arising from a Sale and Purchase Agreement.  Acting for the Respondent, they have examined the accuracy of the claim for over €7m and assisted by drafting submissions to the Arbitral Tribunal on behalf of the Respondent.
José was recently engaged as an expert witness to draft an expert report for use in a claim for consequential losses arising from the mis-sale of an interest rate swap by a large bank.  His report detailed the quantification of the alleged consequential loss arising from his client being forced to sell properties in order to liquidate funds to meet the increasing liabilities due under the mis-sold swap.  Care was taken to demonstrate credible causal linkage between mis-sold products and the resulting foreseeable losses.
Mark and José have been acting for a client facing charges for abuse of office whilst the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of a large overseas corporation.  A claim for loss of profits in excess of US$300m had been made with the principal allegation being that preferential treatment was offered to key customers with the inference being that the individual had instigated and benefitted from this arrangement.

Financial Investigations

We have considerable experience of performing investigations in the regulatory, civil and criminal arenas. We investigate suspicions of:

  • non-compliant conduct by regulated persons and businesses;
  • bribery and corruption;
  • false accounting and fraudulent trading;
  • market abuse and insider dealing;
  • money laundering; and
  • misappropriation of assets.

We are also experienced in working constructively with our Instructing Solicitors in tracing the movements of funds through the international banking system to identify assets for recovery. The results of our tracing work are communicated with clarity using graphics and flowcharts, which link individual transactions with images of the banking instruments used to authorise and execute those transactions.

Four recent cases:

Mark and Sid have been engaged as “Competent Persons” by the Jersey Financial Services Commission under Article 33(1) of the Financial Services (Jersey) Law to investigate the conduct of a Jersey trust company and its officers who had responsibilities for the stewardship of the trusts and companies under investigation.  Assisted by Kerry, their report to the Jersey Financial Services Commission was subject to Maxwellisation and contributed to the resolution of regulatory issues and of disputes between the trustee and various groups of stakeholders.
Sid has been engaged to assist the Financial Reporting Council in ascertaining whether there is evidence which is persuasive of a member of the ICAEW having failed in his duty to comply with the fundamental principles set out in the ICAEW’s Code of Ethics, including considerations as to whether the member had complied with his duty to act in the public interest.
José has recently provided assistance to the Financial Conduct Authority in an investigation after an individual had allegedly been making false representations to investors and promoting an unauthorised collective investment scheme.  The individual pleaded guilty to the operation of a collective investment scheme without authorisation and was convicted of fraud by a jury and was sentenced to a total of 7 years’ imprisonment.
Mark, José and Sid were appointed by an overseas financial services regulator to oversee management’s stewardship of a trust company.  This arrangement involved monitoring management’s conduct in real-time and deciding whether or not to allow the implementation of decisions made by the trust company’s management team.


Mark Ballamy BA FCA MAE ACIArb CFE

Mark is the Senior Partner of Ballamy LLP and has more than 25 years’ experience of providing forensic accounting services to a range of international clients.  He is highly experienced in the preparation of expert reports and giving expert evidence in Court and has significant recent experience in international arbitration.

Mark is a member of The Academy of Experts and is a Fellow of the ICAEW.  He is an ICAEW accredited forensic accountant and an Accredited Accountant Expert Witness.  He is a member of the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners and an associate member of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators.  He is a mediator accredited by The Academy of Experts.

José Fernandes LLB FCA MAE ACIArb

José has significant forensic accounting experience in assignments ranging from determining the quantum of damages in cases of commercial litigation to performing internal investigations and assessing the impact of wrongdoing on financial statements. He has assisted clients with asset tracing and the mis-selling of IRHPs. He has experience in providing assistance to regulatory bodies with investigations of conduct issues, insider dealing and pyramid selling schemes. Highly proficient in the preparation of complex financial models and performing pertinent analyses, José has prepared a number of expert reports and joint statements for use in mediation and court proceedings.

José is a Fellow of the ICAEW, an ICAEW accredited forensic accountant and an associate member of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators in addition to being a member of The Academy of Experts.

Sid Harding MSc FCA

Sid has over 16 years’ experience of working in the forensic accountancy profession and is a Fellow of the ICAEW. Sid is highly experienced in conducting regulatory and financial investigations, providing litigation support in commercial disputes and undertaking business valuations.

Sid’s recent clients include the Jersey Financial Services Commission, the Financial Reporting Council and a number of top 20 law firms.

Sid is an ICAEW accredited forensic accountant and an Associate member of the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners.

Kerry Martin MSc FCCA CFE ACIArb

Kerry has more than six years of experience in the field of forensic accounting and financial investigations, during which she has gained experience on financial and regulatory assignments, international arbitration, verification missions worldwide, due diligence and asset tracing. Building on her substantial audit expertise, Kerry’s experience in forensic accounting has enabled her to become an expert in the handling of voluminous data and the design and maintenance of document management systems.

Kerry has excellent language skills, speaking a number of languages including Bulgarian, Russian and Macedonian, and these skills have proved invaluable in previous forensic engagements, both based in the UK and overseas. Most recently, she has been using her language skills to assist in the resolution of a commercial dispute by way of international arbitration.

Kerry is an ICAEW accredited forensic accountant, a member of the LCIA European Users’ Council and an associate member of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators in addition to being on the Steering Committee of the Fraud Women’s Network.

Oliver Bautista BSc ACCA

Oliver has recently joined the firm having previously gained significant experience working in the business recovery and insolvency sector.

Oliver has assisted Insolvency Practitioners with investigations to locate and recover assets for the benefit of creditors of insolvent estates and for the purposes of submitting conduct reports to the Insolvency Service.

Outside of traditional insolvency work, he has also been involved with the investigation of the affairs of a charity following a Statutory Inquiry instituted by the Charity Commission.

Oliver is a member of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants and also holds a Certificate of Proficiency in Insolvency.

Trusted Network

We have developed a network of trusted contractors and experienced specialists who are able to supplement our resources with a comprehensive range of services including forensic computing, direct and indirect taxation and actuarial services.


We are always interested in meeting high-quality Chartered Accountants looking for both permanent and temporary positions. Previous experience of forensic accounting, and in particular of the investigation of suspicions of fraud and other financial irregularities, is desirable, but we are willing to consider applications from newly-qualified ACAs with no such previous experience who are keen to pursue a career in forensic accounting.

If you would like to be considered for a career with Ballamy LLP, please e-mail your CV to together with an explanation, in not more than 500 words, of why you want to be employed by us and the qualities that you would bring to our team.


"With Ballamy LLP you get the personable user‐friendly service of a boutique firm with an end-product and level of professionalism that is befitting of a magic circle firm."
"Their team possesses an excellent work ethic and their application of technical skills, logical reasoning and business acumen is outstanding, meaning they can prepare well-reasoned and accurate reports."
"Their attention to detail, extensive investigations experience and the clarity of their reports have led me to recommend the firm to other clients."
"Mark and his team care deeply about the cases with which they get involved and adopt a highly professional approach to everything they do."


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